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Porcupine Mountains - A Troll’s Guide

Porcupine Mountains – A Troll’s Guide

Following the 6th Annual U.P. Beer Festival a car load of trolls made their way to the Porcupine Mountains. We didn’t have a plan, just reservations at the AmericInn in Silver City, Michigan. Over two days we jammed in hours of hiking and connected to Lake Superior before jetting to Manitowoc, Wisconsin to take the S.S. Badger back to the Mitten.

Did you say trolls?

Yes, I did. Michigan natives…

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10 Things about the U.P. Beer Festival

10 Things about the U.P. Beer Festival

If you love Michigan Craft beer and enjoy the Michigan Brewers Guild festivals then you’ll appreciate these 10 things about the U.P. Beer Festival. 

A side note: there were more than 50 breweries and over 400 different beers, so we couldn’t mention every beer or brewery but we have lots of pictures in our photo gallery!

1. Troll’s Offering

Is possible to make beer with the ingredients from a…

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Violin Monster Invades Busch’s Market

Violin Monster Invades Busch’s Market

As Brenda, Stephanie, and I crept down the aisle, a cool breeze tussled my beard and the hairs on my neck started to rise. We’d been told to beware of entering this place. It was said a black terror lurked within. Yet it was the sound of a violin that coyly called us. We rounded a corner and screamed! A vicious werewolf bearing a mouthful of daggers and claws like razors stood before us with a…

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Ann Arbor’s German Park

Ann Arbor’s German Park

I finally made it to German Park in July. It has been on my bucket list for a while.

German Park 2014
For over 75 years the German Park Recreation Club has been hosting picnics on the last Saturday in June, July and August. The club provides the live music, authentic German Food and German dance performances. You provide your friends, appetite, and games. The combination promises a good time. We have more photos…

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Guess where we are having dinner ??? And who I’m having dinner with :)

Time To Make The Pickles

Time To Make The Pickles

We have been blessed with a bountiful harvest of cucumbers and zucchini this year, so it is time to make Pickles! 

Our tiny garden we planted the weekend after Memorial Day is producing more zucchini and cucumbers than we can manage. We’ve started to give it away!


Pickle Time

After much discussion and trolling of Pinterest, we found a dill pickle recipe on MountainMamaCooks.Com. Chuck didn’t…

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Laith Al-Saadi at Sonic Lunch

Laith Al-Saadi at Sonic Lunch

Laith Al-Saadi smoked up some delicious blues guitar seasoned with his soulful vocals at Sonic Lunch in Ann Arbor, Michigan on 7-Aug-2014. Everyone at the packed Liberty Square plaza thoroughly enjoyed every ounce of Laith’s evocative music. What more could you ask for on a beautiful Thursday afternoon.

Laith Al-Saadi - Sonic Lunch - 2014

Laith Al-Saadi – A Sonic Lunch Mainstay

Laith Al-Saadi has been a stable at Sonic Lunchsince…

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Chuck with his um zucchini

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