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Unruly Brewing - Making Rockin Brews

Unruly Brewing – Making Rockin Brews

As we headed home from our 2014 U.P. Adventure, we had to stop by Unruly Brewing in downtown Muskegon, Michigan to check out the pub and drink some great beers that are worthy of the metal horns in their logo.

Unruly Brewing - Muskegon

Unruly Brewing – Well Worth the Run

Our stop at Unruly was part of our whole U.P. trip as soon as we decide to take the S.S. Badgeracross Lake Michigan on the way home from our visit to the

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A2 Art and Brew 2014

A2 Art and Brew 2014

Chuck is always looking for new adventures so I wasn’t surprised when he bought tickets for the A2 Art and Brew, an event to support the Ann Arbor Art Center. I’ve never actually gone on an “official” pub crawl, this was my first one. I know, shocking. So I have no idea if this pub crawl was typical or not. I totally recommend it.

The A2 Art and Brewparticipants visited 7 different locations in…

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A Badger Crossing on Lake Michigan

A Badger Crossing on Lake Michigan

In September we boarded the S.S. Badger Ferry in Manitowac, Wisconsin and crossed Lake Michigan to arrive in Ludington, Michigan 4 hours later. The Badger ride was tacked on to the end of our 2014 U.P. Adventure that included the U.P. Beer Festival in Marquette and a hiking in the Porcupine Mountains.

A friend shared with us they’d encountered 10 foot waves during their Badger ride so were a bit…

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Falling Down Beer Company

Falling Down Beer Company

We took a little trip to Warren, Michigan to see what was up (pun intended) at Falling Down Beer Company. Happily, we found great beer and superb food in a very unpretentious setting.

Falling Down Beer Company - Warren, MI - 2014

Falling Down Beer Company – More than meets the eye

When you see the sign for Falling Down Beer Companyyou may think you are at the wrong place. I’m pretty sure the brewery was to be a fast food joint. If anything…

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Outlander Photo Recap S1E07, “The Wedding”, Pt. 1


First of all let me say that this was delicately and honestly brought to life by all involved and it was a highlight as a fan of a beloved book series to see this produced so superlatively. That said, I was sitting on my couch waiting for this to start and all I could think was:


And what glorious nudity it was. On to the recap.

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Dances with Dirt - Twenty Dirty Deeds

Dances with Dirt – Twenty Dirty Deeds

For twenty years, Randy Step has delivered Dances with Dirt! Thank you Randy and all the wonderful volunteers. The Dark Horse Nation Team has participated since 2012 and we are looking forward to 2015! Life In Michigan loves Michigan Craft Beer and are thrilled that Bell’s sponsors Dances with Dirt. We are partial to Dark Horse Brewing and would love it if they were a sponsor. Just saying. No…

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Beautiful dew, although a bit wet to run through

Porcupine Mountains - A Troll’s Guide

Porcupine Mountains – A Troll’s Guide

Following the 6th Annual U.P. Beer Festival a car load of trolls made their way to the Porcupine Mountains. We didn’t have a plan, just reservations at the AmericInn in Silver City, Michigan. Over two days we jammed in hours of hiking and connected to Lake Superior before jetting to Manitowoc, Wisconsin to take the S.S. Badger back to the Mitten.

Did you say trolls?

Yes, I did. Michigan natives…

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10 Things about the U.P. Beer Festival

10 Things about the U.P. Beer Festival

If you love Michigan Craft beer and enjoy the Michigan Brewers Guild festivals then you’ll appreciate these 10 things about the U.P. Beer Festival. 

A side note: there were more than 50 breweries and over 400 different beers, so we couldn’t mention every beer or brewery but we have lots of pictures in our photo gallery!

1. Troll’s Offering

Is possible to make beer with the ingredients from a…

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Violin Monster Invades Busch’s Market

Violin Monster Invades Busch’s Market

As Brenda, Stephanie, and I crept down the aisle, a cool breeze tussled my beard and the hairs on my neck started to rise. We’d been told to beware of entering this place. It was said a black terror lurked within. Yet it was the sound of a violin that coyly called us. We rounded a corner and screamed! A vicious werewolf bearing a mouthful of daggers and claws like razors stood before us with a…

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